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EU-Brazil cooperation : INCOBRA project has started
Increasing collaboration between Europe and Brazil – INCOBRA

ZSI is a partner of the EU funded project INCOBRA and recently participated in a kick-off meeting in Oporto, Portugal. The overall objective of INCOBRA is to focus on, increase, and enhance Research...

Learn more on the relevance of social innovations - project information of SI-Drive

SI-Drive has issued the ninth edition of the eNewsletter. You will find the eNewsletter here. SI-Drive is a large-scale research project funded in the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme. One ...

Could validation of competences of educationally disadvantaged adults motivate them to (re)engage with learning?

The project assumes that there is a mix of different strategies needed to open up education opportunities for educationally disadvantaged people. In our first strategy we trained people from...

MEDIA RESPONSE 24. Mar. 2016
I find my way by learning Deutsch
I find my way by learning Deutsch
Interview mit Hamdi al-Saffouri, Teilnehmer im ZSI-Projekt "Science in Asylum" im

Zwei Herausforderungen machten den syrischen Bäuerinnen und Bauern vor dem Krieg zu schaffen: die Trockenheit und die Versalzung, durch die in den letzten Jahrzehnten rund ein Drittel des Bodens als Anbaufläche...

[Black Sea Horizon Event Review] “The Future of Agriculture
ZSI coordinated Black Sea Horizon project successfully organised Workshop in Moscow

On March 3, 2016, National Research University - Higher School of Economics (HSE) hosted international workshop “The Future of Agriculture: Global Challenges and Technological Change”. The workshop was...

INNO INDIGO preannounces two EU-India calls: Joint S&T Call "Biobased energy" and Innovation Call on Bioeconomy

Indo-European Science and Technology Joint Call for proposals on Biobased energy Within the framework of the INDIGO Partnership Programme an EU-India S&T joint call for proposals on « Biobased... to support integration of WBC into ERA for the next 3 years
Information Platform on Research Technology and Innovation for WBC supports dialogue on RTI issues

The information platform (, acting as a source of high quality targeted information on research, technology and innovation in/with/for the Western Balkan countries (WBCs...

Application deadline: 21st of April 2016

Energy Efficiency. International Project Management - from Theory to Practice From the generation of the first project ideas to the successful implementation of projects in intercultural and multidisciplinary...

Empowering the EU-CELAC Common Research Area

Unter dem Titel "Empowering the EU-CELAC Common Research Area" fand am 14. März das jährliche Treffen von Wissenschaftsdelegierten aller Länder der EU und der Gemeinschaft der lateinamerikanischen Staaten...

Das EU-Projekt PLOTINA startete im Februar 2016

Die Implementierung von Gender Equality Plans ist das Ziel des Projekts „PLOTINA: Promoting Gender Balance and Inclusion in Research, Innovation and Training“ das soeben gestartet hat. Das Zentrum für...

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