Open call for young “Generation Bioeconomy (GenB) Ambassadors”

20. Jun. 2023

Are you younger than 30? Have experience or are interested in bioeconomy? Here's your chance to make a difference!

The consortium of the EU-funded project GenB– Young biovoices for a sustainable future – is proud to announce an open call for young individuals under the age of 30 to become “GenB Bioeconomy Ambassadors”. This unique opportunity aims to empower young enthusiasts and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to shape a sustainable and prosperous future.

The GenB project is dedicated to promoting the bioeconomy, which harnesses the power of renewable resources to create innovative products, generate economic growth, and address environmental challenges. By engaging young people, the project aims to foster a new generation of change-makers passionate about sustainable development and equipped to tackle the pressing environmental issues of our time   

As  GenB Bioeconomy Ambassadors, participants will have access to a comprehensive training program designed to enhance their understanding of the bioeconomy and its potential, as well as equip them with key skills and tools to promote the bioeconomy. The program includes workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities with other EU Ambassadors, industry experts, policymakers, and renowned researchers in the field. 

Key benefits and opportunities for  GenB Bioeconomy Ambassadors: 

Visibility and reward: GenB Ambassadors will be the frontrunners in promoting the bioeconomy among young people. Their role will be rewarded through many visibility actions, including social media, participation to conferences as young biovoices, engagement in communication activities at European scale. 

Network Opportunities: GenB Ambassadors will have the chance to connect with a global community of like-minded individuals, industry leaders, and organisations committed to driving positive change in the bioeconomy sphere. 

Skill Development: GenB Ambassadors will gain valuable knowledge and expertise in various aspects of the bioeconomy, including biotechnology, renewable resources, circular economy principles, and sustainable entrepreneurship. Ambassadors will also gain valuable skills, including video-making, copywriting, campaign planning, stakeholder engagement, workshops organisation. They will be also equipped with soft and transversal skills, such as design-thinking, visual thinking, pitching, and public speaking, to make their voice heard on the bioeconomy.  

Opportunities for Outreach and Advocacy: GenB Ambassadors will be advocating for the bioeconomy and raising awareness about its potential among their peers, local communities, and wider audiences through various channels, including social media, large-scale events, and educational activities. 

Have an active role in European Bioeconomy: GenB Ambassadors will have the opportunity to collaborate with the bioeconomy community, contribute to position papers for the EU Commission, participate in international competitions and awareness and educational initiatives of the GenB project related to the bioeconomy. 

The open call targets individuals under the age of 30, who are passionate about sustainability, innovation, and would like to tak ean active role in their communities. Candidates should demonstrate communication skills, leadership potential, and a genuine interest in the bioeconomy, sustainability and circularity.  

To apply for becoming GenB Bioeconomy Ambassadors and learn more about the selection criteria and application process, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official GenB Project website at:

The cut-off dates for applications are:  

31st August 2023, 11:59 PM CET 

30th November 2023, 11:59 PM CEST 

29th February 2024, 11:59 PM CEST 

31st May 2024, 11:59 PM CET 

Successful candidates will be notified within one month after each cut-off date. 


About the GenB Project: 

Launched in November 2022, led by APRE and composed of 10 organisations from 8 countries, GenB is a 30-month project funded by Horizon Europe, the European Union’s funding programme for research and innovation.  

The GenB Project is committed to promoting the bioeconomy and empowering young leaders to drive sustainable development. Through education, collaboration, and advocacy, the GenB Project aims to accelerate the transition towards a bio-based economy, harnessing the power of renewable resources to meet global challenges and foster prosperity. For more information, please visit:

For Media enquiries please contact: 

Call information in German is available here.


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