RI-LINKS2UA info day on proposal writing in Horizon 2020

19. Feb. 2018

"How to write a successful proposal in Horizon 2020" at National Aviation University of Ukraine

In response to the current open calls in the field of transport and aviation in Horizon 2020, the RI-LINKS2UA project organised a targeted info day at the National Aviation University (NAU) of Ukraine on February 14, 2018.

RI-LINKS2UA is a 3-year long Coordination and Support Action (CSA) project funded under Horizon 2020. It is coordinated by ZSI and supports Ukraine in its integration into the European Research Area through various information, training and policy analysis activities. The full project information can be found in our project section.

The event was jointly organised by the three project partners ZSI, the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MESU) of Ukraine and the National Information Center for Horizon 2020 in Ukraine (NIP).

After an introduction from a representative of NAU, RI-LINKS2UA co-coordinator Stella Shapoval from MESU and Olena Koval from NIP spoke about the current situation of Ukraine in regard to its participation in Horizon 2020. Moreover, Olena Koval presented a general overview about Horizon 2020 and the opportunities it provides to Ukrainian applicants.

The main session of this info day was dedicated to "writing a successful proposal in Horizon 2020", which was covered by ZSI staff members Gorazd Weiss and Philipp Brugner.

Around 30 people participated in this info day, with a majority coming from the NAU. In half a day, they could learn about the following specifiics when preparing a proposal for Horizon 2020:

  • From a project idea to project implementation
  • Preparing a proposal
  • Structuring a proposal
  • Submitting a proposal
  • Drafting the communication, dissemination and exploitation part of a proposal

All presentations to this event and further documentation can be found on the RI-LINKS2UA website.

An event review in Ukrainian language can be found on the website of the NAU.

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