First newsletter of Excellence-in-ReSTI project published

2. Jun. 2017

What happened in the first four months of the Excellence-in-ReSTI project?

The Interreg - Danube Transnational Project “Excellence in research, social and technological innovation” (Excellence-in-ReSTI) runs between February 2017 and July 2019. The project involves 12 partners from 9 countries in the Danube Region.

By developing and deploying several innovative course modules focusing on the skills closely related to the acquisition and management of R&D&I projects, the project is able to directly work with its beneficiaries. Over the course of the project, young project managers in the Danube region will become the chance to participate in the modules, which are designed within Excellence-in-ReSTI, as part of their academic studies. To ensure the modules can be seamlessly integrated into the academic curriculum of the students, ECTS points are granted to the completion of each module.

The first modules are implemented in the academic year 2018/19 as a pilot course. The Danube Region does not lag behind the rest of Europe when it comes to ideas and initiatives with regard to research, social and technological innovation. Still, specific managerial skills necessary for the development and implementation of ReSTI projects are on inadequate level and need to be improved in the future.

On June 1, 2017, the first newsletter of the project was published. It contains general information about the project and informs about the activities implemented in the first four months.

Among others, you can read about an event in Vienna at the end of March, when several projects funded under the Danube Transnational Programe met to discuss how potential synergies can be created. The event was organised by three projects coordinated by ZSI: Danube-INCO.NET (Horizon 2020), ResInfra@DR (Interreg DTP) and the already mentioned Excellence-in-ReSTI (Interreg DTP). The public event in Vienna was followed by internal stakeholder meetings between Excellence-in-ReSTI partners, in order to start with the conceptualisation of the online modules. Also about these meetings you can read in the newsletter.

The subscription link for the newsletter you can find at the project homepage at the Interreg Danube platform.


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