RI-LINKS2UA has launched its website

30. May. 2016

The website serves as a main information hub for stakeholders interested in EU-UA R&I cooperation

RI-LINKS2UA is a three year long project, which is funded by HORIZON 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The project includes a total of twelve different project partners, coming from both the EU Member States (Austria, France, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Italy) as well as from a country of the EU-Eastern Partnership (Moldova) and, of course, Ukraine itself. The fact that research ministries from seven EU countries officially support this project proves its importance in view of the current co-operation efforts between the EU and Ukraine. The project activities build on the results of previous EU-funded support projects with Ukraine, such as BILAT-UKR*AINA (coordinated by ZSI) and BILAT-UKR.

What has happened so far in RI-LINKS2UA?

In February 2016 the project kicked-off in Vienna, gathering all project partners for discussing the upcoming tasks and activities within the next three years (project runtime from 02/2016 - 01/2019)

In March 2016, the project coordinators from ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation were invited to present about the role of the project in the context of Ukraine's participation in HORIZON 2020 during the annual EaP Panel on R&I in Kyiv.

In April and May 2016, first project deliverables, such as the project communication plan, the project logo or the quality assurance plan, were successfully developed in order to help the project consortium carry out its assigned work in due time and quality.

And now the official project website has been launched. The website can be accessed via this link

It features all important events, news, calls and documents regarding the cooperation between the EU and Ukraine in R&I matters. A strong emphasis on the website is placed on the "service character" for Ukrainian stakeholders in the field of R&I. In this line, it features open calls in H2020 aiming to trigger the participation of Ukrainian stakeholders therein. Further, it promotes interesting events (webinars, conferences, stakeholder forums etc.) related to research and innovation cooperation and open to Ukrainian and EU stakeholders.

The analytical focus within RI-LINKS2UA is covered in the "Policy Support & Innovation" section, which contains latest analytical papers and documents (both, prepared by RI-LINKS2UA project and external) in regard to the thematic project priorities.

To get in touch with the project coordinators and/or partners, contact data and an overview about the international project consortium is given as well.

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