Thematic Pole 1: Innovation governance and policy

19. Oct. 2014

Information about the thematic pole 1 of the South East Europe Programme published

Governance concerns the systems and practices that governments, manageing authorities and agencies use to make priorities and set agendas, implement policies and derive knowledge about their impacts and effectiveness. Within the SEE Programme a wide range of projects complemented, improved and reshaped existing systems and practices through regional cooperation. These include projects providing new mechanisms for decision makers which include formal cooperation platforms, committees; capacity building for evaluation; foresight; policy learning mechanisms; strategy development; multi level governance development. The potential for capitalisation and synergy between projects addressing such interlinked topics and approaches is clear. Therefore the Thematic Pole Nr. 1 on "innovation governance policy" was established. With support of the SEE programme it is lead by DI Martin Felix Gajdusek - Project Manager at the Centre for Social Innovation. Find the TP1 newsletter here...

Please find more information about this Thematic SEE Pole here!

Tags: evaluation, foresight, governance, Southeast Europe

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