ASEAN-EU Science, Technology and Innovation Days 2014

Forum for cooperation activities in the field of STI from 21st - 23rd of January 2014 in Bangkok

Section: Research Policy & Development

Date: 21. - 23. January 2014

The SEA-EU-NET 2 project (EU-ASEAN S&T cooperation to jointly tackle societal challenges) is organizing the ASEAN-EU Science, Technology and Innovation Days 2014 from 21-23 January 2014 in Bangkok.  ZSI, as the SEA-EU-NET II analysis work package leader, is responsible for an innovation-related session series.

The ASEAN-EU Science, Technology and Innovation Days serve as a visible forum for cooperation activities between the two regions in the field of STI. The event addresses researchers from many thematic areas—with a focus on the societal challenges with relevance to both regions—as well policy makers, research funding agencies, research conducting companies, and innovation managers. High-level policy makers as well as research projects and companies seize the chance to network, discuss, exchange and inform themselves. The official Southeast Asia-launch of the new ‘Horizon 2020’ EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation will mark the high-level political opening of the event.

The Centre for Social Innovation is leading SEA-EU-NET’s analysis work. In this role, it is related for a series of sessions related to innovation framework conditions and support instruments in selected ASEAN countries (building on a recent study conducted by ZSI and fellow experts) as well as intellectual property rights (IPR) and materials transfer agreements (MTA). The sessions will give special regard to national contexts and recent developments as well as novel ways of supporting innovation. The workshops on IPR and MTA, co-organized by ZSI’s partners from the Research Council of Norway and the Portuguese Innovation Society, will offer combined experience and practical cases from analysts, researchers and industry on these topics and the related state-of-play in ASEAN.

With its dissemination-related expertise, ZSI will also be in charge of starting and co-ordinating the SEA-EU-NET webinar series with the live broadcasting of information sessions and the interactive broadcasting of a workshop on climate change and water management. Free access to the webinar is granted and the link will be announced on the event website soon.

Registration for the STI Days is free of charge and still available via the website.

Type: Collaborative event (ZSI as co-organiser)

Organizer: NSTDA (Thailand), DLR (Germany), ZSI (Austria)

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Involved ZSI Employees:

  • Mag. Maximilian Wollner
  • Mag. Florian Gruber (on leave)
  • Dr. Alexander Degelsegger-Márquez

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