Science Business on building China research capacity

12. Mai 2023

The EU needs an own feed of information and research-based policy advice on China

The Brussels-based news platform ScienceIBusiness writes about the EU's efforts to support pan-European research on China. The article discusses the background of the European Commission's efforts to develop a new EU-wide strategy for dealing with China and why research-based advice as the main source of information for policy makers is pivotal in this regard.

€8M have been already allocated through the Horizon Europe programme to two new European research consortia which will channel the views of EU-based China experts to policy makers in Brussels and the EU MS capitals. The projects ReConnect China, with ZSI as a partner, and DWARC both started their work at the end of 2022 and are actively seeking synergies for cooperation.

Another €2.5M are earmarked for the successful consortium that will be tasked to build "a virtual European Info Platform on China" as part of another recently closed Horizon Europe call.

Read the full article, which includes parts of a conversation with Philipp Brugner, on the website of ScienceIBusiness.

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