Slow progress in Kosovo, but progress

31. Mai 2019

NCP system for H2020 supported by HERAS project in place, says European Commission

The European Commission's progress report on Kosovo* 2019 mentions as a positive not, the improvement of the NCP system for H2020 which is directly linked with the HERAS project, supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation. ZSI, in particular Gorazd Weiss, head of unit of Research and societal Development, was actively involved in training and consultancy to re-configure the Kosovan NCP system.

Here is the quote from the EC report:

On framework programmes, Kosovo participates in the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (H2020) as a third party. It has so far participated in 11 Horizon 2020 projects (10 in 2017 and a new one in 2018). The level of Horizon 2020 participation remains below Kosovo’s potential. Kosovo has already taken some initial actions to improve its Horizon 2020 performance and in particular, through more training, better linking of
researchers, an improved National Contact Points network, exchanges of best practices and mentoring with other countries. Kosovo needs to continue and further strengthen these efforts.

The report could be access under the following link:


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