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Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Within the Project WBCInno (Modernization of WBC universities through strengthening of structures and services for knowledge transfer, research, and innovation), the Methodology for Innovation Management was discussed and prepared as a publication (online and printed version). The publication deals with the different aspects of the innovation management process, starting from defining ten recommended innovation management techniques across the intellectual property aspects and reviewing innovation cycle phases with financial aspects to the software innovation management support. All of these aspects are elaborated in the separate chapters. The Chapter Intellectual Property Aspects deals with the general IPR aspects in three countries of the WB region: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. The last chapter of this publication gives the detailed definition and description of Idea and Project Management workflows, along with the roles and responsibilities assigned within each of them. These workflows are applied in the software platform that will be developed in accordance with this Methodology. ZSI was involved as a task leader in discussions and preparations of the methodology, building upon long experience in i.a. project management and dissemination and communications management.

Ansprechperson: Mag. Helmut Gassler (on educational leave)

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