M.A. Gábor Szüdi, PhD

Section: Research Policy & Development

Function: Research Associate


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Work and research focus:

Mr Gábor Szüdi achieved his Master’s degree in International Relations at Corvinus University of Budapest in 2006. He started his career at ‘VITUKI’ environmental and water management research institute where he was involved in the acquisition of national public procurement contracts and international research grants (FP7, Norway and EEA Grants, South East Europe and Leonardo LLL programmes). He was responsible for the management of ‘Knowledge Bridge’ e-learning project and supported the relevant Hungarian ministry in economic analysis (‘total cost recovery of water prices’).

Between 2009 and 2013 he has been working in the National Research and Technology Office (later: National Innovation Office) in Hungary as a project officer responsible mainly for the EUREKA/Eurostars programmes as a national project coordinator (as part of the 2011/12 Hungarian EUREKA Presidency team) and FP7 ‘energy’ thematic priority and MNT ERA-NET as a national contact point. He assisted the Ministry for National Economy in the strategic decision-making process on the potential role and direction of the EUREKA/Eurostars programmes in the upcoming funding period of 2014-2020.

Between 2013 and 2016 Mr Szüdi focused on his academic career and gained a PhD in Economic Policy at the Social Development and Labour Department of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. His research focused on the potential links between the shift to knowledge economies and growing income disparities in the most advanced country groups. He was engaged in international COST collaborations with the aim of finding innovative solutions to public service issues.

As a freelancer, he also provided translation services to the European Investment Bank and other companies dealing with EU legal, financial and administrative documents.

He is employed at the Centre for Social Innovation as a research associate since October 2016.


Running and completed projects:

Other Publications:

Transformation of social care services for the elderly in Slovakia / Gábor Szüdi, Jaroslava Kováčová, Stanislav Konečný. - VEGA 1/0216/14.

In: Journal of social service research. - [London]: Taylor & Francis Group, 2016. - ISSN 0148-8376. - Vol. 42, no. 2 (2016), p. 1-19. Available at:<>

Building hope: from a shack to 3E house”—Innovative housing approach in the provision of affordable housing for Roma in Slovakia / Gábor Szüdi, Jaroslava Kováčová - VEGA 1/0216/14.

In: Journal of Housing and the Built Environment. - Springer International Publishing AG, 2015. ISSN 1573-7772. [online]. p. 1-16.  Available at: <>

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