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NANOYOU - Communicating Nanotechnology to European Youth

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NANOYOU designed and undertook a communication and outreach program in nanotechnology (NT) aimed at European youth. The project reached 11-18 year olds through school programs, that took place in at least 20 EU Member States and Associated States. Additional programs aimed at young adults aged 19-25 were offered in science centres.
While some FP6 programs have made an excellent start in informing the public about NT, they have not focused on youth nor have their activities taken place in the schools.
NANOYOU combined temporary exhibitions, innovative computer games, experiments and other online content, with workshops aimed at promoting dialogue that raised participants' awareness of ethical, legal and societal aspects of NT. NANOYOU's content was balanced and up-to-date, and teacher training materials were prepared to equip science teachers and other personnel to present the NANOYOU programs.
NANOYOU assembled a strong consortium with partners experienced in nanotechnology, educational methodology and science communication, as well as organizations highly suited and experienced at arranging outreach/communication activities in schools and science centres.
The ZSI contributed firstly with an explorative research in 7 partner countries and secondly evaluated the outreach activities.

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Section: Technology and Knowledge



Tags: education, evaluation, nanotechnology, science communication

Type: Research

Program: 7th FP NMP 2008

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 04/2009 - 06/2011

Project Duration: 27 months