Work and Equal Opportunities

How well does education travel?

Education and occupation with and without migration

The portability of education and occupation training across national borders was of growing importance for the EU. On the one hand this applied to migration with the EU and, on the other, to migration into the EU. Using the Labour Force Survey (LFS) we wanted to explore the difference international migration makes for the distribution of occupational levels for any given level of education. The question we posed was this: what levels of employment and what kinds of occupations were the likely consequence of a particular level of education for (a) non-migrants in the origin country, (b) non-migrants in the receiving country, and (c) migrants from the origin to the destination country? We looked at migration from Serbia and Turkey to Austria and Germany, from Austria to Germany, and from Germany to Austria after the completion of education.


Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

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Tags: education, labour market, migration

Type: Research

Program: Forschungsschwerpunkt internationale Wirtschaft

Submission Date: 02/2009

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 04/2009 - 12/2009

Project Duration: 9 months