Technology and Knowledge

REVIVE - Reviewing and Reviving Existing VET Curriculum


The goal of the REVIVE project was to ensure the quality of VET services by reviewing and reviving existing VET Curriculum on the basis of innovative pedagogical and technological methodology.
Specific objectives of the project were:
- to select VET Curriculum which does not meet quality criteria and is not functioning properly. Initial planning and analysis of curriculum was based on quality criteria indicated by EQAF.
- to present pedagogical and technological recommendations for curriculum's pedagogical and technological improvement and revival to re-develop VET Curriculum for distance learning.
- to update, improve and revive curriculum and to test its applicability.
- to present successful cases and highlight methodological input by spreading curriculum cases Europe wide, emphasizing quality influencing factors and quality criteria listed in an online success story publication.


Section: Technology and Knowledge


Tags: lifelong learning

Type: Education

Program: Lifelong Learning Programme

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 10/2008 - 09/2010

Project Duration: 24 months