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Extending Information Society Networks to the Western Balkan Region

Supporting ICT research in the Western Balkans

The present situation in the Western Balkans when the IS2WEB project started was characterised by the fact that, for the first time, organisations from these countries were able to participate in EC-funded research projects through a number of financially supported possibilities. However, in order to make use of these possibilities, the research communities of the region first had to become aware of the new opportunities, and then to be advised on how to take part actively. At that time, research communities in the region were not sufficiently aware of the opportunities offered by the IST-RTD (Research, Technology, Development) programme and often lack the necessary know-how on how to participate actively.

Experience has shown that providing a large number of people with information of FP’s possibilities is not that successful. With respect to the findings of the IDEAL-IST survey on “How research project co-ordinators choose partners for IST proposals“ (approximately 75% are known from previous collaborations, or are introduced by other consortium members), it was important to define those with high potential to become partners in EU IST projects, and act as “door opener” for other organisations/research institutions from their country.

Consequently, IS2WEB concentrated on focused training/mentoring of a limited number of promising organisations/research institutions which were identified in a first step through a thorough mapping of Western Balkan research organisations operating in the IST area. Complementing activities to facilitate networking allowed these organisations to exchange ideas, and pursue joint research collaboration with EU counterparts.

Impact: Following the implementation of the IS2WEB project and its sister project SEE-INNOVATION some further projects continued to support the South Eastern European research systems for more information read here about the ZSI regional competences in South East Europe.


Section: Research Policy & Development


Tags: Balkan

Type: Networks

Program: 6th Framework Programme, IST Priority

Submission Date: 09/2004

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 05/2005 - 10/2007

Project Duration: 30 months