Technology and Knowledge



e-START aimed to establish a European Network that would provide a universal communication base to support Digital Literacy Policies and Actions in Primary & Lower Secondary (K-9) Education. The objectives of the e-START network were:
1.To offer a sustainable, single-point-of-access, high-quality information service on Digital Literacy in Primary and Lower Secondary (K-9) education, which enhances the Eurydice network and service, and inform as well as transform the School Education Policies in the EU Member States (with regard to Digital Literacy), towards closer collaboration, interoperability, harmonisation, and synergy amongst them, and ultimately towards higher overall quality.
2.To build consent towards a common framework of ICT education in the National Curricula of Primary and Lower Secondary (K-9) education across Europe, which helps to achieve Digital Literacy for all and according to pupils individual needs.
3.To provide a discussion and policy advice/consultative forum on Teachers Training needs (both initial/pre-service and continuous/in-service) in order to meet the Digital Literacy Challenge.


Section: Technology and Knowledge


Type: Networks

Program: eLearning

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 01/2007 - 03/2009

Project Duration: 27 months