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European Qualification in age-diverse Recruiting

Despite all predictions of a tightening labour market in the near future, the recruitment policies of organisations remain predominantly youth oriented. Most key persons with an influence on recruitment policies are ill-prepared to meet the challenges associated with HRM practices for attracting job applicants from diverse age groups. This assumption is supported by the remarkably high public interest in the work and outcomes of the previouse LdV pilot project mature@eu ( - a project which seeks to enable HRM and recruiters to introduce age-diverse recruitment procedures via an open source e-learning platform. Therefore, the core objective of  project mature@EQF is to broaden the geographical scope of  the e-learning platform to eight (8) countries and eight (8) languages, as well as to integrate the qualification acquired through the e-learning modules into the EQF. At the end of the day, the e-learning platform for age-diverse recruitment were sustainably integrated into seventeen (17) national VET learning systems.


  • Magª. Maria Schwarz-Woelzl (project leader)
  • Ing. Bernhard Bauch

Section: Technology and Knowledge



Tags: ageing society, labour market, lifelong learning

Type: Education

Program: Lifelong Learning Program / LLP

Submission Date: 03/2008

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 10/2008 - 03/2010

Project Duration: 18 months