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Analysis of Emerging Competences and Economic Activities

Comprehensive Sectoral Analysis of Emerging Competences in the European Union

Comprehensive Sectoral Analysis of Emerging Competences and Economic Activities in the European Union

The main objective of the project was to provide the Commission with an analysis of the evolution of eleven different economic sectors in the European Union. The analysis was both backward-looking (focusing on analysing past developments and main trends) and forward-looking (future scenarios and their implications) and comprised conclusions regarding strategic choices on skill needs, described the implications of the scenarios for education and training and  included main recommendations. The project comprised two main tasks, notably:

  • Task A: a comprehensive analysis of the evolution of different sectors, consisting of i) a description of the sector (i.e. an objective and detailed view and assessment of the sector, covering a mapping of the sector, main drivers, emerging competences and scenarios), and ii) scenarios implications for the competences needed and solutions to meet these changes
  • Task B: assistance in the design, organisation and animation of an expert panel workshop, and assistance in selecting experts for the panel workshop, i.e. the task of General rapporteur of the sector experts' panel workshop.

The analysis was based on the elaborated methodological framework formulated by Prof. Maria João Rodrigues. This framework functioned as the central axis of this project. It aimed at analysing innovation, skills and jobs, with a view to launching actions to produce sector references for a strategic management of human resources and for a stronger synergy between innovation, skills and jobs in the sector, taking into account the sector in its global context and encouraging these references to be adapted to national and regional specificities.


  • Mag. August Gächter
  • Mag. Dirk Maier
  • DI Dr. Anette Scoppetta

Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

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Type: Research


Submission Date: 11/2007

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 01/2008 - 03/2009

Project Duration: 15 months