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Recognising Central and Eastern European Centres of RTD: Perspectives for the European Research Area (ERA)

Recognising Central and Eastern European Centres of RTD

RECORD aimed to identify Centres of Excellence in Central European Candidate Countries and Malta based upon a benchmarking system, which was both tailor-made and harmonised with European standards. As a thematic network, RECORD supported information exchange among experts from different European countries in course of workshops and conferences.
The first conference in Brighton was dedicated to methodological issues of benchmarking of innovation.
The second conference in Budapest payed attention to issues of the Candidate Countries' supply of RTD.
The third conference in Ljubljana emphasised important features of corporate demand for RTDI in Central and Eastern Europe.
The final conference on means of promoting on an European level Centres of Excellence located in the Candidate Countries was held in Vienna, and organised by ZSI.

Results: Next to this information exchange, RECORD delivered
(1) a Manual of Benchmarking Candidate Countries' Centres of Innovation
(2) a Map of Innovative Centres
(3) a Package of Recommendations
(4) a publication and dissemination of the network's results.


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Tags: benchmarking, European Research Area, indicators, policy recommendations

Type: Networks

Program: STRATA (5th European Framework Programme for RTD)

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 01/2002 - 02/2004

Project Duration: 26 months