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eGovernment in Russia

eGovernment in Russia

The Russian Federation is preparing to implement eGovernment. In a pilot project a comparative analysis is conducted to assess developments of eGovernment in Russia (on the basis of some selected regions) vis-a-vis EU standards. Main topics include administrative preparedness, transparency of public authorities, and capacities of the ICT market. Preliminary results aim at proposing suitable evaluation tools for eGovernment development in Russia, to be followed by recommendations.

To facilitate cooperation and exchange with our Russian partners, relevant reports and documents on eGovernment are made available here as attachments. These, as well as the following compilation of informative websites, serve as a repository for partners, experts and institutions we collaborate with in the the Russian Federation.

Repository of essential eGovernment documents

Europe's Information Society: eGovernment research & development (EU)


Regulatory framework of electronic communications (EU)

eGovernment good practice framework (EU and world)

Privacy and data protection in the information society



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Type: Policy Advice

Program: TACIS Policy Advice Project

Submission Date: 06/2006

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 06/2006 - 03/2007

Project Duration: 10 months