Technology and Knowledge



The project aims to investigate and explore the new teaching methods and strategies for the development of competencies in the area of digital literacy. The main focus is on hypermedia-based learning and teaching. Information on the state-of-the-art of e-learning practices in EU Member States is collected and analyzed together with methods, tools and main applications being used. A general survey on the information needs of three different target groups - learners, teachers and service providers - were developed and conducted. Additionally information services mutually informing about national e-learning practices was constructed and established according to a newly developed roadmap. The expected results were to expedite the use of e-learning and to enlarge the fields of its application, to strengthen the national mechanisms to implement the process, and thereby to strengthen the international e-learning system as a whole.


Section: Technology and Knowledge

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Type: Networks

Program: eLearning

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 01/2007 - 03/2008

Project Duration: 15 months