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Foresight-on-Demand: Climate Change Adaptation and Societal Transformation

How the Foresight-on-Demand team supported the Mission Board on Climate Change Adaptation incl. Societal Transformation

This foresight project was set up and implemented to support the Mission Board for “Adaptation to Climate Change including Societal Transformation” with forward-looking evidence. The project was initated in response to the European Commission's Request for Service for a Specific Contract under the Framework Contract Foresight on Demand 2018/RTD/A2/OP/PP-07001-2018-Lot 1.

The major activities comprised preparing and conducting a foresight workshop with key experts to map drivers/trends of climate change and barriers to adaptation, and a real-time online Delphi study involving more than 300 experts on the key systems social infrastructures, health, water, agriculture and food, and ecosystems.


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Tags: climate change, climate change adaptation, foresight, health, missions, participation, water

Type: Policy Advice

Program: Framework Contract Impact Assessments, Evaluations, foresight and Strategic Analyses of Research and Innovation policies and programmes - Lot 1: Foresight on Demand in Science, Technology, Research and Innovation Policy

Submission Date: 08/2019

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 09/2019 - 11/2020

Project Duration: 15 months