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Training Telematic System on Environmental Impact of Electric Systems - ELECTROLISA

Training Telematic System on Environmental Impact of Electric Systems - ELECTROLISA

The mission of the project was to remove the barriers to high quality training. This aim was obtained by implementing this system to all candidate which is connected to the information society. Other objectives were: Give flexibility to training, reducing at the same time its costs, thanks to the systematisation of activities and free entrance to the project software. Determine what is required in training in the field of Environment ("Environmental Impact of Electric Systems"). Develop a variety of instruments and training courses, packages and materials, accessible through the information society. Implement the pilot project in some enterprises and Universities, evaluate the results and reconsider the project. It was able to personalise and execute training plans for each candidate according to his/her personal and professional profiles and his/her objectives. It is an innovative training system which gives equal opportunities for everybody, no matter of physical inability, distance, time, age or financial problems. The philosophy of this system is Training on Demand. The candidate decides WHEN and HOW MUCH he/she wants to advance and the effort he/she wants to dedicate to it. The training was given through telematics systems, using the Internet network, needing only a personal computer (PC, Apple, work station), a modem and a telephone to access to it.


Section: Technology and Knowledge

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Type: Education


Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 04/1998 - 03/2000

Project Duration: 24 months