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PSF Specific Support to Malta on the Development of a National Open Access policy

Policy Support Facility project to support Malta in developing a tailor-made Open Access policy

The aim of the Policy Support Facility (PSF) Specific Support to Malta was to provide external advice and operational recommendations to the country's authorities in developing a tailor-made Open Access policy both in relation to access to publications and access to data.

In particular, the PSF Specific Support assisted Malta to determine the right path for a smooth transition to an Open Access environment, by providing guidance on:

  1. Defining the vision, goals and scope of the National Open Access policy
  2. Clarifying the requirements for implementation of the OA policy, including the setting-up of the required infrastructure and resources and the means for supporting and ensuring timely compliance.

Daniel Spichtinger acted on behalf of ZSI as rapporteur for this project.

More information about the project and its deliverables can be found here.

More information about the Horizon 2020 Policy Support facility can be found here.

Section: Research Policy & Development

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Type: Policy Advice

Program: Policy Support Facility Horizon 2020

Project Status: Finished

Submission Date: 05/2019

Start/End: 07/2019 - 03/2020

Project Duration: 9 months

Website: ... port-malta