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ISF Support for the EU-ASEAN Joint Funding Scheme (JFS)

This service is part of the International Service Facility and manages the administration, communication and promotion of the EU-ASEAN JFS

The overall objective of this service is to set up a Central Secretariat for the implementation of the Southeast Asia - Europe Joint Funding Scheme for Research and Innovation (abbreviated as SEA-EU JFS). It is directly subordinated to the EC’s service request “International Service Facility in Support of the Strategic Development of International Cooperation in Research and Innovation", in which ZSI is work area manager for communication and involved in enrolling several services.

The SEA-EU JFS service provides the management of the 1st and 2nd JFS call. The 1st call was developed by the FP7 funded SEA-EU-NET 2 project (ZSI as consortium partner) and was launched in the beginning of April 2017. The 2nd call, which is expected to be launched in 2018 respectively, will already be fully managed and administrated under this service.

The key actions for this request are:

  1. Set-up a JFS Secretariat in Europe to take over responsibilities from the SEA-EU-NET project (DONE)
  2. Set-up a twinning mechanism with a JFS Secretariat organisation in ASEAN
  3. Transfer the JFS secretariat functions to the ASEAN JFS Secretariat (estimated in 2018)
  4. Launch a second call in the first half of 2018
  5. Disseminate the results and promote the JFS as an attractive tool of research funding for additional funding organisations in Europe and Southeast Asia: ZSI is lead partner
  6. Conduct an external evaluation of the JFS

The objective of the SEA-EU JFS itself is to bring together Southeast Asian and European researchers and innovators to collaborate on topics of mutual interest. For the first call, this included the following research fields: Health (Anti-microbial drug resistance, Emerging infectious diseases) and Environment/ Climate Change (Adaptation/Resilience of food production systems, Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystems/Biodiversity).

The participating countries (14 countries participated in the 1st call - find all information here) represented by its funding organisations for research & innovation (R&I) are providing funding in principle only to their national research and innovation partners. The target groups for the SEA-EU JFS are on the one hand R&I funding agencies from EU-MS, ASEAN countries and from countries associated to Horizon 2020 as potential new contributors to the funding scheme for its 2nd call. On the other hand, it is the researchers, academia, industry and R&I organisations as potential applicants to the JFS.

This service will be delivered by a joint tender core group, comprising  DLR (Germany), INTRASOFT (Luxembourg), TEAMWORK (France) and ZSI (Austria) in close cooperation with the subcontractors in ASEAN.

ZSI as the communication and dissemination leader in the SEA-EU-NET II project seamlessly continues this scope of work also in the SEA-EU JFS. ZSI's team develops a dedicated communication and dissemination strategy, works on the promotion of the call and the call results, conceptualises and prepares relevant public relations material (leaflet, poster, info sheet), supports the communication ahead/during/after major events related to the JFS and runs the official JFS online channels, i.e. the website and the Facebook and Twitter account.


Section: Research Policy & Development


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Tags: call, Southeast Asia

Type: Networks

Program: Service Facility for International Cooperation under H2020

Project Status: In progress

Project Duration: 25 months

Start/End: 07/2017 - 07/2019


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