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Knowledge in the making in the European society

KNOWMAK helps you explore the European knowledge output!

The KNOWMAK project aimed at developing a web-based tool that provides interactive visualisations and state-of-the-art indicators on knowledge co-creation in the European Research Area (ERA). The tool itself was created by following a co-creation approach - it was understood as the engagement with and involvement of the target user groups from the start, co-designing and co-developing a tool that was tailored to their data and information needs.

KNOWMAK was structured around three integrative elements:

  • Geographical spaces, with a focus on multiple level metropolitan, regional, national and European spaces and their interconnectedness.
  • Research topics, by developing ontologies around Societal Grand Challenges and Key Enabling Technologies.
  • Actors, with a focus on the quadruple helix and the involvement of societal actors in knowledge co-creation.

In addition, KNOWMAK aimed at operationalising social innovation (SI) and mapping SI projects in the ERA. Furthermore, it aimed at capturing exchanges on knowledge outputs on social media.

The tool combineed traditional research output data (projects, publications, patent applications) with information on social innovation projects and user attention to knowledge production.

ZSI was reponsible for:

  • the engagement of lead users from key stakeholder groups such as policy-makers, research funders, or representatives of business, civil society, or research or innovation manageres;
  • the increasing involvement of a wider circle of users;
  • the develpment of the KNOWMAK website; and
  • the development of the online tool that allows to visually explore the European knowledge output.



Section: Research Policy & Development


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Tags: co-creation, European Research Area, knowledge society, visualisation

Type: Research

Program: H2020

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 01/2017 - 12/2019

Project Duration: 36 months


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