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Gender Mainstreaming der FTI-Strategie Wiens

Unterstützung von Gender Mainstreaming in der FTI-Strategie Wiens im Auftrag der MA23

In the recent strategy "Innovative Vienna" the regional government of Vienna defines the goals and strategies for the science and technology policy up to the year 2020. The government has decided to continue its approach of being proactive in gender mainstreaming and the promotion of women. This means a balanced representation of women and men on research teams, a balanced representation of women and men in decision-making functions, taking account of gender competence when assigning people to the relevant juries, and integration of the gender dimension into research topics. This project aimed to fulfil this approach by supporting the city government of Vienna during the process of operationalisation of its RTI (research, technology and innovation) strategy with regard of gender mainstreaming by organising workshops, fostering the awareness of gender dimensions, disseminating the results of relevant data analysis and research and benchmarking with initiatives of other cities and regions.


  • Mag. Helmut Gassler (on educational leave) (project leader)

Section: Research Policy & Development


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Tags: evaluation, gender

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Type: Policy Advice

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 05/2016 - 03/2018

Project Duration: 23 months