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SOMEP - Solving Crime through Social Media: Improving Vocational Competencies in Security Sector

Social Media and Policy Force

Today, security forces make effective use of social media in the fight against crime and criminals. The US and UK police forces are the forerunners in this type of exploitation. The police are integrating Twitter, Facebook, Blogs into their daily professional practices.

The project embarks from this fact and aims to improve the professional qualifications of members of target sector (police officers/administrators and candidates) through a virtual learning environment including online training modules, multimedia contents and a database for links with an eye to promote the operational efficiency of social media in communication with public for the fight against crime and criminals.

Devised to run for 18 months, the project aims to adopt relevant outcomes of the COMPOSITE Project through a competent consortium. It is envisaged that the project, together with its relevant outcomes, will not only improve operational efficiency, but also provide a wide-scale basis for the adoption of social media to current policing practice throughout Europe.


Section: Technology and Knowledge



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Tags: lifelong learning, security research

Type: Education

Program: LLP, LdV, TOI

Submission Date: 02/2013

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 11/2013 - 04/2015

Project Duration: 18 months

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