Work and Equal Opportunities

New partnerships for successful programmes of social innovation

Involvement of social partners and factors influencing the development of successful actions by new partners

More and more EU policy documents refer to and support social innovation. Practices and studies are already available in regard to the promotion and implementation of social innovation within Europe but it is unclear how specific partners such as social partners and vulnerable groups in particular are involved in the design and application of social innovation. The study which is implemented on behalf of Eurofound will provide some answers to the key question "How are/were recipients and end users of programmes and initiatives, in particular vulnerable groups as well as social partners, involved in the design and application of social innovation?"

Since historical and cultural conditions are conducive to the creation, nurturing and diffusion of social innovation in a particular time-space setting, the study will follow a cultural as well as historical balanced approach when undertaking analysis of the six countries under scrutiny. In addition, a brief cross-country analysis will be concluded comprising a screening of all EU 27 countries in relation to the involvement of social partners and vulnerable groups in policy design and delivery of ESF programmes and actions.

The project will also recommend a framework and methodology for a case study implementation concluded by Eurofound in 2012.


Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

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Tags: partnership, social innovation

Type: Research

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Submission Date: 05/2012

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 07/2012 - 03/2013

Project Duration: 9 months