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GOOD GUIDANCE STORIES - case studies as an innovative cross-cultural training material for guidance practitioners

Educational & vocational guidance is becoming more and more an important element of lifelong learning. Individuals have to handle multiple transitions, e.g. from school into training or employment and with a lot of insecurities like unemployment & precarious employment. In these situations guidance plays a decisive role in the major decisions that individuals have to take throughout their lives. The current training provision in Europe, however, is still very diverse. Training for guidance practitioners may be mandatory or optional or from short uncertified courses to master’s degrees. A similar picture emerges if one focuses on teaching methods and course contents.
However adequately trained career guidance practitioners are a prerequisite for making high quality guidance service provision a reality for every European citizen. The challenge is therefore to identify and to develop the skills which are needed from guidance practitioners to handle a target group with a great distance from the labour market. Therefore training methods are needed which can be adopted to the different guidance practitioner roles and cultural/national settings.
Our interest in the planned project is to answering the following question: “What makes a guidance process successful from a guidance practitioner perspective and what are the skills which have to be developed and/or strengthened for answering these needs?”  Our aim is to enrich the debate on continuous professional development of guidance practitioners - from a guidance practitioner’s perspective through (1) the identification of needed skills and (2) through the development of teaching material which is useful for guidance practitioners in different roles and settings across Europe.  
The most important outcomes are: A recommendation handbook (targeting policy makers & professionals in the field of VET for guidance practitioners) - a methodological guideline (teaching material) - 6 case studies (teaching material)


Section: Work and Equal Opportunities


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Tags: education, labour market, lifelong learning

Type: Education

Program: Lifelong Learning Programme

Submission Date: 02/2011

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 12/2011 - 11/2013

Project Duration: 24 months