Work and Equal Opportunities


Regions benefitting from returning migrants

Re-Turn’s main activities were linked to development and implementation of services needed to support migrants in their wish to return as well as promotion of returning migrants as a source of innovative enterprise development. Main outputs helped to achieve sustainable services and support structures to promote return migration  (online-tool presenting regional and national remigration trends, handbook with transnational management tools to promote return migration, long-term implemented monitoring tools and support services for return migration).

Based on Re-Turn project, participating regions strengthened their competitiveness in the long run which further helped cohesion. Perception of decision-makers changed by adressing returning migrants as added value. This was demonstrated with a joint memorandum of understanding and changed policy documents and working procedures in participating regions for better knowledge development with returning migrants.


Section: Work and Equal Opportunities


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Type: Research

Program: Territorial Cooperation Programme Central Europe

Submission Date: 05/2010

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 05/2011 - 07/2014

Project Duration: 39 months