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Central European Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society

Development of the joint/transnational CE - Ageing Strategy

The Central European (CE) Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society (“CE-Ageing Platform) minimised negative effects and  impacts of demographic change in CE. The project idea derived from a cooperation between various partners and their desire to jointly contribute to improved framework conditions in their regions in order to foster economic growth, regional development and social cohesion. It was built on the belief that challenges faced in the cross-cutting issue "ageing" can only be solved in working together. The CE-Ageing Platform jointly developed a CE-Ageing Strategy enabling partners to adapt to demographic change, thereby integrating lessons learnt from previous activities on the one hand and results and lessons learnt of innovative actions implemented by the CE-Ageing platform on the other. 

“This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.”

The aims of the CE-Ageing Platform were to:

  • contribute to minimise negative effects and impacts of demographic trends on an ageing society &economy and to improve framework conditions (e.g. programmes, regulations) by adapting policies, governance processes and mechanisms to demographic change;
  • reduce regional disparities as well as spatial segregation of target groups by providing a platform for exchanging knowledge on practices between urban and rural areas, between national and regional levels as well as at the transnational level; 
  • make better use of the existing endogenous potentials of an increasingly diverse and ageing workforce by raising awareness on demographic change, developing ageing strategies as well as state-of-the-art training concepts;
  • promote new service designs and up-grade skills and knowledge of the target group to meet the demands of SME's as well as to contribute to sustainable change by establishing a joint strategy.


  • Establishement of a joint “Forum on Ageing in Central Europe"; 
  • Development of an Central Europe Age-Strategy”;
  • Establishment of two Regional Ageing Platforms;
  • Implementation of innovative measures/services for SME's in the area of diversity management, life-long learning, work-life-balance and health.

Project consortium:
The project consortium consisted of 13 partners from 8 CE countries and was led by the Chamber of Labour Upper Austria (AKOÖ). Additionally strategic partners and experts were actively involved in project implementation.


Section: Work and Equal Opportunities



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Tags: ageing society, demographic change, partnership, scientific networks, social inclusion, social innovation

Type: Networks

Program: Central Europe Programme

Submission Date: 05/2010

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 01/2011 - 12/2013

Project Duration: 36 months