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The main aim of the TEL-Map Support Action was to enable Europe’s TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) communities and their constituencies, centred on the TEL Unit, to achieve earlier, stronger and longer-lasting results from their investments in TEL and use of TEL (e.g., as measured by the local and global visibility of TEL projects, and the adoption and impact of outputs from TEL projects such as tools, processes, content).
The main areas for Support and Capacity Building within TEL communities were:

  •  Engagement (of stakeholders in TEL communities and constituencies, to ensure that they are broadly supportive of work relevant to them, underway within TEL)
  • Alignment (clustering, collaboration, discussion, modelling and disagreement management within TEL communities)
  • Dissemination (to share insights, models, processes and tools that help with inward-facing needs of TEL communities; likewise for external-facing needs, especially to share ways and means to raise the external visibility and impact of TEL community outputs, eg via social networking)
  • Forward-looking knowledge sharing (eg, in developing road maps and Grand Challenges, and in assessing likely future needs of users, and associated ideas and approaches).

Enlarging on this, Tel-Map aimed to enable each participating TEL stakeholder community in Europe to share its insights on past and current TEL, and at least some of its thinking on TEL futures, so that all TEL networks could benefit from improvements in the capabilities of the strongest participants in TEL and insights and innovative developments could be spread and adopted more rapidly. As part of this capacity-building, Tel-Map worked with community representatives to empower them to better discern and interpret what is going on within other participating TEL stakeholder communities, and to share and exchange knowledge with these communities in order to take advantage of emerging trends and developments in TEL, of which it might not yet be aware.


Section: Technology and Knowledge


Tags: technology enhanced learning

Type: Research

Program: FP 7

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 10/2010 - 03/2013

Project Duration: 30 months