Danube4All Newsletter - Danube Insights 2023

19. Dec. 2023

More on exciting experience of researchers and citizens in the Danube region and the Danube river!

The DANUBE4all project has recently published ‘Danube Insights’ - an annual collection of news, articles, interviews and more from DANUBE4all. Danube4all is a Horizon Mission project dedicated to the restoration of the Danube River through natural based solutions (NBS).

Here highlights from the newsletter:

Research (Demonstration) sites are at the heart of the project. DANUBE4all supports river restoration measures at three sites along the Danube. Check out these videos from project partners involved to learn more about their plans and how river restoration will improve these river sections to the benefit of the inhabitants, aquatic life, and biodiversity.

Georg Franks, also leading DANUBEPARKS presents the plans and role of the project for the Upper Danube demonstration site at the Donau-Auen National Park in Austria, explaining how measures to remove two key groynes at Paradise Island will revitalise this river section

Matej Marušić, partner in the project and working at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) presents the demo site in Hungary. Matej explains what river groynes are and why it is important to carry out ecological adaptation of these man-made structures. This change will be implemented as a Demo - site  in the frame of the DANUBE4all project.


In this video, Albert Scrieciu from GeoEcoMar, Romania informs about the current challenges of the lagoon system as part of the Danube Delta. He illustrates how human interventions over the past century have caused severe impacts on this unique ecosystem, and outlines how nature-based solutions will be developed to restore a lagoon closer its pristine state.


We would also like to draw your attention to our podcast focusing on citizen science. The episode aims to promote a better understanding of the motivations and opportunities that exist for accelerating citizen science in the Danube Basin. What goal, what added benefit, and what reasoning could drive people to join in and start collecting data or thinking along the many challenges facing the Danube and its diverse inhabitants? 

Want to learn more? Please visit the Citizens Science Podcast here.

In this edition you can also learn more on the importance of fish in monitoring biodiversity in river ecosystems or on river restoration and the dynamics of reconnecting our waterways.

Moreover, the DANUBE4all project would like to invite all organizations and institutions working with citizens in the Danube River Basin to participate in a survey on freshwater restoration and citizen engagement in the region. If you feel addressed, please fill in the short anonymous survey at

This edition also includes invitation to the 1st DANUBE4all Online Fora that takes place on 31 January 2024 and the following Danube Participation Day that takes place on 8-9 April 2024. Save the dates!


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