Call for Associated Regions to participate in the DANUBE4all project.

15. Apr. 2023

DANUBE4all supports public authorities to develope roadmaps, plans, and projects to restore freshwater ecosystems

By promoting the improvement of ecological status, biodiversity, and ecosystem connectivity through the development and implementation of innovative Win-Win Nature Based Solutions, DANUBE4all aims to enhance the free-flowing status of rivers and floodplains, reduce flood and drought risks, and improve sediment and biota continuity. ZSI is partner of the project and also reaches out to public authorities that can take part in this call for associated regions that have to cover territories outside of the partnership.

In addition to research activities at the three Demonstration Sites in the Danube River Basin, the project will also provide GIS and Citizen Science tools for upscaling restoration actions via ten Synergy Sites and transfer outcomes to five Associated Regions by developing Replication Roadmaps for restoration action.

With this call up to 100.000€ will be distributed to each of the selected regions that want to join, specific criteria were developed to select the most fitting grantees that have to be public authorities.

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The Deadline for applications is May 30

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