ACCTING Open Studio: Next workshop in Vienna, 29 - 30 March 2023

8. Mar. 2023

New solutions for vulnerable groups´ participation in the EU Green Deal! Natural disasters/Biodiversity and Nature

The ZSI will host the next Open Studio event in Vienna organized within the ACCTING project. ACCTING´s main aim as a Horizon2020 project is to explore conditions and relate in eight research lines to a socially just European Green Deal. The project's first research phase has concluded, and the Open Studios, which are co-creation events, will be held to reassess the research results collaboratively, generating recommendations for policymakers and other stakeholders, also looking for new action that can be supported in the next two years of ACCTING. The upcoming Open Studio workshop includes 22 experts that work with a broad vision of "inclusiveness" on the topics of (a) natural disaster preparedness, (b) biodiversity and nature. Its goal is to create "better stories" to facilitate the green transition and prevent existing inequalities from being exacerbated by Green Deal policies. Participants will explore inspiring initiatives, policies, and practices across Europe and try to make them more inclusive. The ACCTING project's consortium comprises thirteen partners, building on previous experiences from more than 50 European Union funded projects, with the coordinator being the European Science Foundation. Contact: Martin Felix Gajdusek; Gabor Szudi

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Tags: behavioural change, biodiversity, food production, green deal, green transition, nature, participation, vulnerable groups

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