The Lost Millennials project is online!

1. Sep. 2022

We've set our digital print!...and about time as well

Although the work in all projects start even before they officially kick-off, at the proposals' stage, in many cases, the efforts tend to remain "unseen" at least until the project's has set its digital footprint. For this step to take place, a lot of work and thought has to take place. In the case of the Lost Millenials project, this took up to 8 months from the start of the project. With the changing digital environment and the different rules and regulations of the funding organisation, it was relatively uncomplicated and fast to set-up the project's social media channels. This took approximately the first quarter. By the third quarter, this summer, the project's website was launched right in time to publish the first results of the research on 25+ NEETs that has been ongoing since the start of the project.

So what is the Lost Millenial project all about? In a nutshell, it is a a research project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment  aiming at the labour market (re)integration of "older" NEETs. NEETs, not in education, employment or training, as a term normally refers to young people , in most cases up to the age of 19 and some case up to 24 and in very few countries older than 25 in this situation. As a result, the Lost Millenials project focuses on the "overlooked" sub-group of NEETs, namely aged 25+, their current situation and peculiarities, initiatives that target them specifically and the gaps that exist. The consortium involves a total of 13 countries in the EU.

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