Bioeconomy hands-on session for Kindergarten - Colouring Easter eggs

12. Apr. 2022

Is it possible to make also small kids understand what bioeconomy is? Yes, it is!

Many families will colour eggs this Easter but in the Kindergarten Gröbming (AT), the Transition2Bio project team of ZSI showed children on the 10th of April 2022 how to do it in an environmental friendly way.

One of our primary goals for the children was to raise their awareness on the opportunities the bioeconomy can provide. Using natural colours is a most efficient way to introduce also small kids into bioeconomy: by letting them experiment with beetroot, red cabbage, curcuma and other colouring materials, kids understood that it doesn’t need to be synthetic colours to make Easter eggs or paintings look most beautiful, but  that there is a broad range of colours that can be found in nature.

The connection to their direct living environment by showing different biobased materials to touch and smell encouraged the kids to get engaged in bioeconomy. It is also a good way to draw kids’ attention to learn something about the importance of bioeconomy.

The event is one of a series of events by the Transiton2Bio hands-on activities and contributes significantly to gain further insights on how to teach young children about bioeconomy.

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