The future of Citizen Science

20. Jan. 2022

Citizen Science in Europe is growing!

we are very happy to be part of the ECS - European Citizen Science - consortium, which is going to launch a new project, funded under Horizon Europe. ECS will widen and strengthen the European Citizen Science community through capacity building and awareness raising activities such as the creation of a European Citizen Science Academy and the establishment of a network of 28 ECS Ambassadors.

ECS will capitalise on EU-funded actions such as the EU-Citizen.Science platform and Cos4Cloud to support links and collaboration between members of the European Citizen Science community, who will be involved in the co-design and co-creation of a large variety of services, strategic priorities, training opportunities and policy recommendations.

We see a bright future for Citizen Science in Europe and are looking forward to assessing the impact pathways of the project. 

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