Integrating and boosting social impact investing in the Danube region

12. Sep. 2021

Interreg Project Finance4SocialChange: Workshop on 29 September 2021

Learn more about the Social Impact Investment Strategy for the Danube region!

This workshop targets political actors, investors, organizations, and (social) enterprises that are interested in the development of social impact investing and social entrepreneurship in the Danube Region in the frame of the project Finance4SocialChange.

Together with strategic stakeholders we will discuss the recommendations of the transnational strategy as well as its operational implementation in the different partner countries.

The tns is based on different regional strategies developed by all the partners in the Danube region throughout the last years. Content includes the keynote speech from Sébastien Martin (Impact Associates GmbH) on the current situation of social impact investing in Germany and from Dr. Judit Schrick-Szenczi (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment and Tourism Baden-Württemberg) on the goals, results, and future of EUSDR Priority Area 8 towards supporting the competitiveness of social enterprises. Further interventions will address social banking offers, activities, and projects from different banks and impact funds in the Danube region.

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Tags: Danube Region, impact financing, policy recommendations, social entrepreneurship

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