The Social Lab Approach – Experiences from First Hand

30. Mar. 2021

Interested in how a Social Lab can really work and how you can benefit from it?

In the framework of the EC funded project NewHoRRIzon 19 Social Labs have been established all over Europe to address the diverse topics of the Horizon 2020 Working Programme. 

A Social Lab is not only a method, but rather a paradigm which is social, experimental and systemic that opens up space for reflection and discussion, developing new ideas and further implementing and assessing them. In the NewHoRRIzon project, we have adapted the Social Lab approach and used it as a tool to implement public engagement within an RRI process. 

The ZSI is organizing on 18 May 2021 from 10 to 11.30 AM a session on "The Social Lab Approach – Experiences from First Hand" that will present the analysis that will be presented by the ZSI team (Ilse Marschalek, Katharina Handler and Margit Hofer). Several of our participants (Eileen Focke-Bakker, Agnes Szalkai-Lorincz, Raj Kumar Thapa) will talk about their practical experiences made, complemented by our guest speaker Peter Biegelbauer. 
Join in and discuss with us. Register here for free!

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