What is Critical Making?

8. Feb. 2021

... a new project to study responsible practices in maker spaces.

In January 2021 we kicked-off a new research project, which is concerned witht RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) practices in maker communities. 

In this project, which is coordinated by the ZSI, a transdisciplinary team of researchers and makers will study innovation processes encountered in the maker community. An analytical framework for studying grassroots innovations will be adapted and applied to find out in how far and under which circumstances these innovation processes reflect or contradict RRI principles. In participatory case actions we co-design and evaluate concrete interventions that aim to foster three specific areas of RRI: gender, young talents and openness.

The scientific outcomes will bring unique insights for the RRI community on grassroots innovation processes and how to connect them to academic research and innovation policies, while the practical guidelines and trainings developed in the project will foster the awareness and uptake of critical, responsible principles of innovations in the maker community.

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