Building a strategy for an age friendly Alpine space

10. Feb. 2020

On the 21th of January the first international policy meeting of TAAFE took place

On the 21th of January municipality members, researchers, NGO-activists and older citizens from Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and Slovenia met for the first international policy meeting on age friendly environments in the Alpine space, organised in the frame of the EU-funded project TAAFE. The meeting was facilitated and organised by ZSI. It was connected to a training for stakeholders and project members on participatory methodologies, introducing the TAAFE-Model.

Starting from an input on the WHO concept of age-friendly environments, provided by Julia Wadoux, Age Plattform the participants elaborated on the different dimensions and aspects of age-friendliness.

Moreover,  Willeke van Staalduinen, SHAFE network, provided an overview on the activities within the EU-Action Group D4 on age-friendly environments.

Discussing challenges in the Alpine space when building age-friendly environments, the participants named such connected to networking and intergenerational activities and the involvement of stakeholders with different background, recognising the diversity amongst older citizens. Also, possible problems connected to old age, such as loneliness, exclusion, ageism, healthy aging and poverty were discussed.

In addition, participants discussed the two main questions what needs to happen to build age-friendly environments and who needs to be involved. The Information collected will build an important basis for the formulation of a strategy on age-friendly environments in the alpine space.

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