A roadmap for socio-economic recovery in Southeastern Europe after Corona

25. May. 2020

ZSI contributes to a collaborative strategy between European research institutions and think tanks is a social network for strategic analysis. It is organised as a think tank with one main novelty that distinguishes it from others: Typically, the policy analyis carried out is not done with in-house staff, but by drawing on the expertise received from creative analysts across Europe. Analysts are brought together on a project basis and work, for a limited period of time, on so called "strategy projects".

ZSI was invited to join in for the latest strategy project with the aim to develop an "European Strategy for Socio-Economic Recovery of Southeastern Europe after the COVID-19 induced crisis".

The project encompasses ten experts from nine research institutions and think tanks located in Albania, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Kosovo and Slovenia. It features two specific goals:

  • To suggest a collaborative policy proposal that maps a series of context sensitive and resilient measures for post-crisis recovery of the Southeastern European states
  • To communicate this proposal to the relevant policy-makers and wider public in order to open a discussion on the subject and support the implementation of the best measures

The first version of the policy proposal is now available (please note that the document is still subject to change, as the current proposal will be discussed in a broader consultation with policy-makers in a the next step). ZSI provided background information and inputs to the sector of research and development as one means to cushion the negative long-term socio-economic effects triggered by the current Corona crisis and supported the formulation of forecast scenarios and measures to be implemented in the four thematic areas of the proposal (geopolitics, economy, society and democracy/rule of law).

Interested? For questions, please contact Philipp Brugner.

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