How to support second-chance entrepreneurs?

27. Apr. 2020

DanubeChance2.0 created tools for policy makers, entrepreneurs and business support organisations

To support second-chance entrepreneurs and prevent business failure DanubeChance2.0 created three different tools for different target groups. 

  • The Transnational Policy Learning Instrument to support policy makers across the Danube region in reaching the common understanding of framework conditions needed for supporting entrepreneurs in crisis and helping failed entrepreneurs to restart
  • The Rescue and Revitalisation Tool provides an overview of revitalisation options for entrepreneurs in crisis or who wish to re-start and for policy makers looking for good practices
  • The Meet-the-Survivors Workshop-innovative workshop format can help business support organiations, incubators and network organisations to build a positive culture of second-chance entrepreneurship

Transnational Policy Learning Instrument

The report developed by the Centre for Social Innovation in Austria offers various interesting and insightful resources for policymakers interested in bringing their region forward in terms of economic productivity and inclusive growth. It includes a report describing 6 dimensions relevant to second-chance entrepreneurship such as specific second-chance entrepreneurship policy, the framework of restructuring, as well as bankruptcy and insolvency policies, networks and cooperation of second-chance entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the report includes a comparative analysis of the situation in the Danube Region and a presentation of good practices that can be used as inspiring sources for policy makers in the region. Besides that, the Policy Learning Instruments includes a transferability study, highlighting specific insights on selected good policymaking practices coming from inside and outside of Danube Region, like the Early Warning Europe program. This rich resource gives policymakers the necessary tools to work on the target areas which are of key importance in bringing the issue of second-chance entrepreneurship forward. 

The full version of the report is available here:

Rescue and Revitalisation Tool

The compilation of information of available support and training measures and services does not only allow companies to identify rescue and revitalisation options, but also gives policy makers the chance to look for interesting cases for replication in the Danube region.This tool includes information on:

  • available rescue and revitalisation measures targeting honest failed entrepreneurs;
  • business development and support services for financially distressed enterprises;
  • training measures available for financially distressed business and restarters;
  • financial support services available for restructuring businesses.

The full version of the Output 3.1 is available here:

Meet-the-Survivors Workshop - innovative workshop format 

DanubeChance2.0 has elaborated a methodology of “Meet the Survivors” mentoring workshops focussed on interactive B2B exchange and knowledge sharing to highlight outstanding stories of successful restarting entrepreneurs and to share experiences on necessary skills to overcoming crisis situations. The goal of the workshop is to foster exchange of experiences and knowledge between successful restarting entrepreneurs and financially distressed, recently started, bankrupt or failed entrepreneurs, financial intermediaries and investors as well as business accelerators in order to build up the positive culture of second-chance entrepreneurship and support market re-entry of non-fraudulent entrepreneurs through professional support and mentoring.

Our report presents the methodology used and validated in the 11 partner countries of the project, which can be replicated in other countries and regions.

The full version of the Output 3.1 is available here:

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