Training of Ukrainian Neuroscientists at ZSI

20. Dec. 2019

In the context of the NEUROTWIN project, the team of the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology was in Vienna

The Horizon 2020 funded NEUROTWIN project ("Supporting the re-establishment of the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology (BIPH) as an international centre for excellence in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience") is a twinning action which aims at providing tailor-made support to one of Ukraine's leading scientific institutions in the field neurosciences. As a long-term goal, the Bogomoletz Institute shall be established and recognised again as an international centre for excellence in cellular and molecular neuroscience - beyond Ukrainian borders.

A series of trainings are organised by ZSI for the NEUROTWIN project team of BIPH. Their purpose is in sharing knowledge, provoding best practices and in building capacities in the field of Horizon 2020 project management.

After a first training in Kyiv at the beginning of December, the second one took place from December 16-18 here at ZSI. On the first day, Gorazd Weiss and Andrea Mayr shared helpful expertise and best practices in the methods and instruments of project management as deployed by ZSI. On the second day, Philipp Brugner and Gorazd Weiss continued the training by focussing on exploitation as part of a successful public communication strategy in Horizon 2020 projects. Everything was rounded off with demonstrations of how to manage large EU grants in research and innovation (focus on the establishment of grant management departments) and a tour through the various departments of ZSI.

The BIPH team in Vienna comprised Ms. Nana Voitenko (coordinator of NEUROTWIN), Ms. Svetlana Ivanova (project manager) and Ms. Olena Borovska (innovation manager).

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