BLOOM co-creation handbook

25. Oct. 2019

Are you planning to use cocreation methodologies in your activities? An insight of co-creation in relation to bioeconomy

The main objective of the BLOOM project is to establish open and informed dialogues, co-created by European citizens, civil society, bioeconomy innovation networks, local research centres, business and industry stakeholders and various levels of government. BLOOM is creating spaces for the needed debate on preferences and values concerning the bioeconomy; for interaction and exchange of information, knowledge, meaning and aspirations, with the aim of establishing consensus on how a bioeconomy can be realized. Across Europe, five regional hubs have been established to foster public engagement in the bioeconomy and to create a space of exchange and debate. The hubs are focusing on different areas important to the regions.

Are you planning to use co-creation methodologies in your activities? This guidebook provides a summary and overview of some of the methodologies that we are using in the BLOOM project. Download it here!

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