`Excellence-in-ReSTI´ Final Event

5. Jul. 2019

Beginning of July, the final event of the Interreg project `Excellence-in-ReSTI´ took place in Prague.

The objective of the `Excellence-in-ReSTI´ project was to increase competences of managers of technological, social and research-based innovation projects. The pilot course of the ReSTI-Academy which was an online project management training developed within the project, has been concluded end of June. Therefore, beginning of July a two-day final event of the `Excellence-in-ReSTI´project was organised. On the first day the award ceremony of the ReSTI-Academy took place in the festive venues of the Charles University in Prague where the participants of the pilot course training received their certificates.

On the second day, the participants were invited to design new project ideas and put their newly acquired project management skills to use. Sixty-two project managers and administrators from thirteen different countries of the Danube Region, namely Greece, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Montenegro, Slovenia, Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Germany took part in the final event.

In this way transnational networks have been built, gaps and opportunities have been identified on the national and the transnational level and possible solutions have been developed, as well as ideas for projects on a European level.


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