ResInfra@DR interview: from vision to achievements

6. Jun. 2019

Facilitating macro-regional scope and link up to socio-economic actors of Research Infrastructure in the Danube Region

ResInfra@DR project coordinator Martin Felix Gajdusek (ZSI) was invited to reflect on vision and expectations behind and achievements of the ResInfra@DR project. Read here a short version of the interview conducted on behalf of the Danube Strategy Point:

What is the vision behind the project?

Over the last decade, the topic “research infrastructure” increasingly gained importance, also for the countries in the Danube macro-region. Core challenges are to trigger sustainable public investments and to control their effectiveness over time. In times of scarce funding and a closer interlinked and international research landscape a clear focus of investment is an obligate prerequiste to facilitate important thematic niches in research.

Can you summarize the main expectations?

The ResInfra@DR actions – such as capacity building training, a focused dialogue, provision of tools as guidance documents and a reviewer database –  address the development of a strong research infrastructure from the Danube macro-region towards the European Research Area. This is made possible by strongly networked actors, the extensive knowledge exchange on “hot” issues of funding approaches and the management of research facilities.

The Synergy Meeting "Perspectives for Research Infrastructures in the Danube macro-region" taking part from 12-13 June 2019 in Vienna will be a final highpeek before the project ends this month: What are the main achievements of the ResInfa@DR project having the potential to impact community and follow-up projects?

Pursuing the aim of maximum outreach to the community, in 2018, ResInfra@DR attracted approx. 100 participants to our three one-week trainings taking place at different location across the Danube macro-region. Furthermore, we collected a quality assured reviewer database of 200 competent experts, which is available to core stakeholders also beyond the project duration. Dialogue events hosted more than 150 participants exchanging on highly relevant topics for research infrastructure such as the EU wide and national roadmaps, the funding by structural funds (ERDF) and cooperation options with the private sector. Addressing also countries beyond the partnership, we currently organise 7 Information Sessions inviting over 120 experts to discuss a representative range of innovative joint actions for the future. This comprises actions  for better information provision to stakeholders and exchange of macro-regional developments; progressing with investment planning; focused capacity building; but also tools in support of evidence based policy making and especially with adequate socio-economic impact. Last but not least, in its third year of implementation, ResInfra@DR has attraced over 1650 recipients reading the project newsletter. We are happy that ResInfra@DR has become a powerful magnet for important stakeholders in the Danube macro-region.

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