2nd Energy Social Lab of NewHoRRIzon

5. Apr. 2019

RRI should be purposefull, usefull, beautifull and full to be powerfull

The Energy Social Lab Workshop of the NewHoRRIzon project is going into its second round (4th and 5th of April 2019) in Payerbach, Reichenau an der Rax (AT). Aim for this second lab is to further evolve the pilot activities in their area.

Included in this work is also to deliver food for thought. One first teaser to think about:

RRI for researchers should be…
purposefull+usefull+beautifull+full= powerfull


Next week (10th - 11th of April), the Social Pilot of Infrastructure will meet at the same location with hopefully the same fruitfull outcome as in the Energy Social Lab.

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Tags: energy, responsible research, RRI

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